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Agimage Project Map Service
The Agimage Map Service provides access to an extensive Landsat TM and ETM satellite imagery and biomass imagery archive. The archive covers the South-West of Western Australia and spans from 1993 to present. The datasets are collated by year, and then listed by image path and row names. A false colour Red Green Blue image or an NDVI (normalised difference Vegetation Index) image is available. The NDVI gives an indication of range of green vegetation / biomass cover and can indicate areas of high or low productivity.

Agimage Map Service - Public Access
A zoom level restriction applies to this service. To enquire about products, please contact the project manager, Simon Abbott (Tel. 08 9387 0330 /

Agimage Map Service - Subscriber Access
This service is only available to project partners and subscribers. Please contact the project manager Simon Abbott (Tel. 08 9387 0330 / Subscribers have unrestricted access to all archive data, and enhanced tools for subsetting and downloading image products to their computer.

The above map services have been found to not work correctly in Netscape versions 4.6 and 4.7. Internet Explorer version 5+ is the optimum browser to use for these services.

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